College Policies and Procedures​​


Academic and Attendance Policy

The principle of this policy is to increase the success of the learner and to create an environment where they can use the College resources effectively. This policy defines the academic grounds and establishes protocols to assist students, the instructors and administrative staff to observe and intervene when a student is at risk. 

Academic Alert

If at any time the student is at risk academically, the instructor and student will set a meeting to discuss improvement strategies. Extra support will be given where it is applicable.

Academic Probation

Student failing to achieve the set grade point average required to pass will be written to, indicating the academic probation and the consequences of not improving the academic standing. 

Penalties for Academic Honesty Offences 

  • Academic Honesty Policy – Students are expected by the Beta College of Business and Technology to carry themselves in an honest and trustworthy manner in all aspects of their academia in and outside of the College.                  Breaking the Academic Honesty Policy includes, but are not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, falsification, impersonation, misrepresentation and procurement.
  • Plagiarism – using someone else’s work as one’s own without giving credit to the source.   

First Offence :

Results in a grade of “0” on the work in which the offence occurred; without the opportunity of redoing the assignment and having to redeem the grade on other assignments within the course.

Second Offence: 

Results in an “F” in the subject where the offence occurred; therefore failing the subject and having to retake the subject at the student’s own extra cost. 

Further Violations:

Any further violation of the Academic Honesty Policy will result in suspension.

  • Grade Changes: Depending on the circumstance, there are certain situations for which grade changes are permissible. The student is required to meet the Director of Admissions to further discuss and to get a final approval.
  • Grade Notification: The Instructors are held responsible to notify students of their grades midway before the course is over.
  • Final Examination: All final exams will take place during the final exam period. Students are required to write the tests and final examinations at the scheduled time and place. In emergency circumstances, student may write a test or final examination before or after the scheduled time with the Director of Admissions approval.


Students will be informed of any rule which may apply to the conduct of specific examination:

  • late entry to the final examination room thirty minutes after the scheduled commencement;
  • the use of calculators, cell phones, terminals or other information processing devices;
  • the use of supplementary books, manuals or reference resources;
  • the use of previously completed course material
  • Non-Attendance: Students who have not attended classes during the first half of the study period are assumed to have withdrawn from the course/College. 
  • Attendance and participation are required for courses to successfully complete. Due to the nature, certain subjects need a high level of attendance and participation as a subject objective. Students will be reminded prior to starting classes. 
  • If the student fails to have a consistent attendance, he/she will be required to meet the Director of Admissions to further discuss this before it leads to suspension. 

In the event of a disagreement & dispute, updated physical/printed versions of Beta College of Business and Technology regulations will take precedence over those available on our official website.

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