College Policies and Procedures​​


Code of Conduct

The core purpose of the Student Code is to ensure that students know their rights and responsibilities that they bear as a member in the College community

All students enrolled in Beta College of Business & Technology become an integral part of the College community, and therefore are expected to conform to the policies and procedures already set in place. This conduct highlights the rights and responsibilities that are to be followed at all times. These rights and responsibilities reflect the College’s commitment to delivering quality education and to ensure that there is a fair treatment and appropriate behavior by the students.

  • Student Rights

The Code presents students with the right to:

  • exercise their rights as citizens individually under the protection of the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.
  • express themselves individually or as part of a group, except where such exercise is prohibited under the following Codes: Collage Violence Prevention Policy, Ontario Human Rights Code, Municipal, Provincial or Federal Law or other College Policies in effect.
  • be free from discrimination, threats, assaults and harassment.
  • confidentially and access to personal records under Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
  • to make reasonable complaints and take part without treat of reprisal.
  • access facilities and equipment intended for student use.
  • have a positive learning environment.
  • be treated with fairness and equality in all matters relevant to their performance, marks, and attendance at the College.
  • Responsibilities


The Code requires the students to:

  • uphold respects for others and their properties.
  • use facilities of the College only if permission has been granted.
  • carry themselves in a courteous and non-threatening manner.
  • behave in a way that is consistent with an environment that is free from harassment, discrimination or hate and that refrains from any conduct which infringes on the rights of others.
  • use information and technology (cell phone, e-mail, internet, etc) in a non-threatening and non-discriminating way.
  • refrain from using threats or acting against a person’s physical or mental well being that endangers or threatens the safety, health, life, dignity or freedom of any person.
    • example: assault, verbal/non-verbal aggression, physical abuse, intimidation, stalking or harassing.
  • refrain from building unfounded complaints with ulterior motives to use against another member of the College community.
  • perform with honestly in all academia and College matters.
  • refrain from activities that may cause damage to the College property.
  • refrain from taking or using property that is not the student’s own or authorized to use.
  • refrain from attempting to enter closed College facilities and exit the College facility when asked to do so.
  • participate in an investigation when requested to do so, if they were to arise under this policy.


Appliance of the Code

The conduct provision of the Code applies to following possible situations:

  • actions on/in the property within the physical boundaries of the College.
  • actions on the internet or via the use of information technologies, on and off campus, directed at college community members
  • actions on student placement sites.
  • actions off campus against other college community members.


Steps to process the Student Code of Conduct:

  1. If a disputes arises and a complaint is made, every effort should be made to have the party with the concern speak directly to the other party as soon as possible with the attempt to solve the issue; if parties agree, this time may be extended over a certain timeline.
  2. If the meeting is not successful, a written complaint is sent from the complainant party to the Office Administrator.
  3. If there is no settlement following the complaint, there will be a meeting arranged for the complainant to meet the Director of Admissions.
  4. Letters will be sent outlining the discussion and final decision to both parties.


In the event of a disagreement & dispute, updated physical/printed versions of Beta College of Business and Technology regulations will take precedence over those available on our official website.

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