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ELSIS Level 3 – Advanced

Learn English in Canada

For many years, Canada has held its position as one of the leading destinations for international students, and for a good reason. Learning English in Canada is a fantastic opportunity to be surrounded by the language day in, day out and quickly develop those essential communication skills. At Beta College, we’ve been helping students learn English in Greater Toronto Region for over ten years now, allowing them to firm up their base in the English Language.

Due to its vibrant position in the Canadian English-speaking provinces, Toronto has a vast selection of English alongside French-language schools. Toronto is one of the leading choices for international students; this is excellent news for those who want to learn English in Toronto as you have a great variety of schools to choose from. English Language Education provides a range of general, academic, and specialist English courses for students, professionals, and groups.

Beta College is here to offer you personalized support from start to finish, guaranteeing you an unforgettable stay during your certificate program in English Language Support for International Students (ELSIS) in Toronto.

Students who complete this ELSIS Advanced level will be better equipped to communicate in English both in and out of the classroom and in social settings and take an active role in Canadian society as well-informed citizens. Students will learn how to speak, read, and write to succeed in their sessions. They will participate in debates and seminars, analyze and interpret a range of grade-level assessments, create storylines, reports, and abstracts in English, and engage constructively in various print and media materials through the use of critical thinking.

The program is split into three levels. You are free to choose to start with any group as per your previous language fluency and previous experience.

  • Level 1 Beginner Level with Four compulsory modules
  • Level 2 Intermediate Level with Five compulsory modules
  • Level 3 Advanced Level with Five compulsory modules

Module Code: ELSIS 110

Module Name: Advanced Reading and Writing

This reading and writing module has been designed for advanced standing students who are not native English speakers. During the lectures, students apply language to various reading and writing assignments relevant to them and the world in which they live. The course evaluation emphasizes the application of new vocabulary and linguistic skills to writing tasks. The online activity segment is intended to put the lecture principles into practice. Students must show their abilities through a variety of hands-on lessons. As such, it would be a significant component add-on course for students around the world at Beta College who are on progressive learning routes.

Module Code: ELSIS 111

Module Name: Advanced Speaking and Listening

Students gain proficiency in executing easy to moderately complicated listening and speaking activities and understanding and participating in face-to-face and telephonic discussions, instructions, and information exchanges. They practice group discussion management skills and observe and engage in interactions that include expressing sentiments, accepting or denying invites, requests, and permission. Explanations, demonstrations, tasks, and listening and speaking responsibilities are all part of the teaching and learning methodologies.

Module Code: ELSIS 112

Module Name: Advanced Grammar

This course will help you to develop your communication skills, both written and verbal. Being able to identify grammatical patterns and then apply them to your own work will improve the clarity of your work.

Module Code: ELSIS 113

Module Name: Advanced Pronunciation 

You will learn the various aspects of English pronunciation, including the theory and application of articulatory phonetics; phonetic transcription; phoneme theory; phonemic transcription; syllable structure; syllable weight; stress; weak forms; aspects of connected speech intonation. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of the core concepts of English pronunciation. In this module, learning takes place in workshops to allow plenty of practice. Individual tutorials will focus on your development and help you plan your education.

Module Code: ELSIS 114

Module Name: Advanced Discussion Boards

This Advanced Discussion Boards course is designed for students who aren’t native English speakers. Whether the goal is to increase student understanding of content, build particular transferable skills, or combine the two, instructors often turn to small group work to capitalize on the benefits of peer-to-peer instruction. It can be formal or informal but usually involves specific instructor intervention to maximize student interaction and learning. This module will encourage students to participate in several high intermediate practical group discussions with their colleagues and motivate them to rationalize their views.

  • Must be 16 years of age
  • Academic documents copies (Certificate and Transcript) of Secondary School or equivalent

Mature Learners Entry Scheme –

  • A mature student returns to study after being out of education for three years or more. This requirement usually means students over 21 when beginning the ELSIS program.
  • Our Mature Student Entry Scheme recognizes non-traditional entry qualifications and experience alongside your college application. We are looking for people who have a passion for learning and an absolute determination to succeed in our courses.
  • Total Module Time (TMT) is the number of hypothetical hours that reflects an estimation of the overall time that might reasonably be anticipated to be needed for a learner to accomplish and show the level of attainment required for the granting of a certificate.
  • Guided Learning Hours (GLH) is described as the times during which an instructor, lecturer, or other staff member is accessible to give direct instruction or guidance to a learner pursuing a certification.
  • The credit value of a Module or Unit is defined as the number of credits that may be granted to a student upon successful completion of the module’s learning objectives and goals. One Beta College Credit is equivalent to ten TMT hours.

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