Prerequisite Certification Program



 The Business Foundation Program offered at Beta’s Toronto and Brampton Campus combines academic and real-world business theories to teach you the skills and knowledge required to embark on a Diploma or an undergraduate program at Beta College and partner institutions.

This course provides you with the essential information and abilities needed to begin your academic path. Prepare for a rewarding and responsible business career.

Program Structure

Module Code: ELSIS 301

Module Name: Reading 

An elementary-level speaking and listening program for non-native English speakers has been created. Skimming and scanning are only a few of students’ reading tactics in school. They also improve their reading comprehension by doing exercises like filling in the gaps, matching, multiple-choice, and true or false. Throughout the course evaluation, it’s essential to use new language in the writing process. This course’s goal is to increase student proficiency in English via intellectual and emotional stimulation.

Module Code: ELSIS 302

Module Name: Writing 

Non-native English speakers of secondary school age will benefit significantly from the writing instruction provided in this course. In the sessions, students learn how to compose and structure academic paragraphs. Exams and written assignments are part of the course evaluation process. The purpose of the course is to teach students how to write controlled paragraphs in English.

Module Code: ELSIS 303

Module Name: Speaking and Listening 

An elementary-level speaking and listening program for non-native English speakers has been created. Students use audio resources in the sessions to explore topics of concern to them and the country they live in and improve their listening comprehension. New vocabulary and speaking structures are heavily weighted in the course evaluation. This course’s goal is to increase student proficiency in English via intellectual and emotional stimulation.

Module Code: ELSIS 304

Module Name: Grammar 

Non-native English speakers in Secondary School are the target audience for this grammar course. The focus is on the grammar’s structure, function, and application in the sessions. In-class activities and testing are part of the evaluation process for the course. Students will learn the fundamentals of grammatical structure and how to use it in various contexts such as oral and written communication, reading, and writing.

Unit Code: BFP 301

Unit Name: Communication in English

Duration: 10 hours

The module will describe how businesses utilize and manage various resources, including human, physical, technical, and financial resources. This course will assist the learner in developing an awareness of human resource management and the employability and personal skills expected of employees in an organization. Learners will understand the goal of successfully managing resources, not just human resources but also physical and technology resources.

Unit Code: BFP 302

Unit Name: Introduction to International Business

Duration: 10 hours

This module aims to equip students with the fundamental and critical skills necessary for effective communication in a business setting. Learners will understand the many modes of communication — non-verbal, spoken, written, and information technology. This unit will enable learners to communicate successfully across various situations and messages by picking the most efficient mode of communication for the circumstance and statement at hand.

Unit Code: BFP 303

Unit Name: Business Communication

Duration: 8 hours

This course introduces students to the legal environment related to business in Canada. Students will learn the social and business context of law, and the meaning and application of Law of Torts, The Law of Contracts and The Law of Properties. The course intends to familiarize the students to the legal environment in Canada in relation to business.

Unit Code: BFP 304

Unit Name: Presentation and Research Techniques

Duration: 10 hours

This course instils general business communication skills to manage in a modern office environment. Students will learn professional communication in a diverse, global marketplace through planning and writing business messages, reports and proposals, developing presentations with special emphasis on digital content

Unit Code: BFP 305

Unit Name: Introduction to Canadian Business

Duration: 10 hours

Canadian Business This module aims to familiarize students with the idea of a business environment. Learners will understand many business sectors and formats and various business processes. Furthermore, students will grasp a firm’s internal and external contexts, including how micro and macroeconomic issues affect business activities. This unit will enable students to discover informed judgments about a business’s internal and external settings.

Unit Code: BFP 306

Unit Name: Effective Language Skills

Duration: 8 hours

This module aims to teach the student the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in English language and improve their English proficiency skills.

Unit Code: BFP 307

Unit Name: IT Skills

Duration: 8 hours

This module aims to acquaint students with the usage, implementation, and advancement of fundamental information technology skills, including presentation preparation and professional style of writing such as a report, spreadsheet. 

Unit Code: BFP 308

Unit Name: Introduction to International Business

Duration: 10 hours

This course is designed to provide basic understanding of international business management concepts and techniques. Students will learn essentials of international business.

  • Must be 16 years of age
  • Academic documents copies (Certificate and Transcript) of High School or equivalent
  • English Language Proficiency is encouraged.

Mature Learners Entry Scheme-

  • A mature student returns to study after being out of education for three years or more. This requirement usually means students over 21 when beginning a foundation program.
  • Our Mature Student Entry Scheme recognizes non-traditional entry qualifications and experience alongside your university application. We are looking for people who have a passion for learning and an accurate determination to succeed in our courses.
  • Total Module Time (TMT) is the number of hypothetical hours that reflects an estimation of the overall time that might reasonably be anticipated to be needed for a learner to accomplish and show the level of attainment required for the granting of a certificate.
  • Guided Learning Hours (GLH) is described as the times during which an instructor, lecturer, or other staff member is accessible to give direct instruction or guidance to a learner pursuing a certification.
  • The credit value of a Module or Unit is defined as the number of credits that may be granted to a student upon successful completion of the module’s learning objectives and goals. One Beta College Credit is equivalent to ten TMT hours.

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