Professional Business Management Program (PBMP)


Professional Business Management Program (PBMP)

There’s business everywhere, and it’s constantly changing. Every workplace in the world has something to do with business, and one cut above the rest gives you an edge when applying for jobs. 

You will learn about a range of key business ideas and how to use them in current events. You will also improve your skills through research, working together as a team, and talking with other people. 

This course looks at how social, political, economic, environmental, and technological trends affect your daily life and plans for your future career.

Each task is based on an actual business case study, and contemporary global events are used, discussed, and debated. The course instructors have been teaching for a long time and have continued to work in business to give real-world information about the business world. 

Excursions are built into the study plan to see companies around Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for yourself. We also have guest speakers come in regularly. They talk about how they run their businesses and show the kinds of jobs that might be available after college.

  • The Global Business Environment
  • Leading and Managing Innovative Change
  • Leadership and Decision Making
  • Marketing in Digital World
  • Talent Management
  • Financial Management and Control

Qualification Reference: PBMP 601

Qualification Title: The Global Business Environment

Total Qualification Time (TQT) – 30

This qualification gives an overview of the global business environment from a strategic, economic, political, and legal point of view. It looks at what people, businesses, and governments do to make the market work, both in Canada and worldwide. The main goal of this qualification is to learn about the political economy of the modern world and how it affects how managers make decisions. Students will look at the many global and domestic issues that make it hard to run a business sustainably. This will prepare them for more specific units that help them learn how to run a business.

Qualification Reference: PBMP 602

Qualification Title: Leading and Managing Innovative Change

Total Qualification Time (TQT) – 30

Today’s working professionals are often in charge of guiding others through complex and volatile environments. They are expected to lead their teams to accomplish more with fewer resources, promote new innovative ideas in the face of uncertainty, and overcome interpersonal issues and reluctance to change. Managing stakeholders during constant and fast changes in complex organizations are challenging.

With this certification, you’ll learn how to identify variables affecting organizational change and get your organization more receptive to it; create strategic alliances; examine stakeholder dynamics; evaluate stakeholder communication; and balance evaluation, planning, and action. This training course will discuss the unique challenges of leading dynamic cycles of innovative change.

Qualification Reference: PBMP 603

Qualification Title: Leadership and Decision Making

Total Qualification Time (TQT) – 30

People come together in organizations to accomplish a common goal. Effective and efficient engagement often does not happen effortlessly, despite the prevalence of organizations in contemporary society. Rather than an absence of knowledge or insight, poor group dynamics are to blame for many unfulfilled ambitions. For students, this qualification will help them gain a better understanding of how an organization can inspire impactful, efficient social and ethical behavior; how styles of leadership, organizational structure, and value systems influence behavior; and how ultimately, cohesiveness impacts the performance of an organization in the quest of its objective

Qualification Reference: PBMP 604

Qualification Title: Marketing in Digital World

Total Qualification Time (TQT) – 35

This certification introduces marketing as a management function and activity in the new age. Considers how marketing may help organizations achieve their strategic and operational goals by addressing topics about customers, customer satisfaction, marketing effectiveness, and new technologies impact on today’s strategies.

It’s all about today’s rapidly evolving digital business world regarding Marketing in the Digital World. Examines how sophisticated professional understanding and digital technology, from early CRM systems to today’s abundance of Mobile applications, have merged to question and alter the face of current marketing theory and practice. Students will learn about advanced digital-age competitive techniques via real-world case studies and scenarios.

Qualification Reference: PBMP 605

Qualification Title: Talent Management

Total Qualification Time (TQT) – 30

It is increasingly difficult for organizations to manage their workforce successfully. Companies in mature markets are being forced to increase efforts to establish a pool of talented leaders because of demographic shifts. Recruiting and keeping essential employees in expanding areas necessitates the development of flexible talent strategies. To accomplish these objectives, firms require a comprehensive, systematic approach to acquiring, developing, engaging, and keeping critical personnel. With this course, you’ll learn to connect multiple talent practices and procedures to get the best results. Talent management strategies and cutting-edge industry concepts are also discussed.

Qualification Reference: PBMP 606

Qualification Title: Financial Management and Control

Total Qualification Time (TQT) – 35

This qualification aims to provide students with a thorough understanding of how organizations utilize accounting and control systems to make managerial choices. Students will understand how managers employ financial controls to make profit planning decisions for the company and its many divisions, which focus on profit planning decisions in particular. Students are expected to write a business plan that includes strategic, marketing, and financial considerations for their management project. Additionally, students will learn how to use accounting and control systems to evaluate company performance, provide feedback, and recommend improvements to build more socially responsible and environmentally sustainable firms.

  • Must be 20+ years of age
  • Academic documents copies in English (Degree Certificate and Transcript) of Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent from a recognized institution.
  • Higher National Diploma (HND) or equivalent earned after high school from accredited institutions can be admitted with a minimum of two years of work experience.
  • English Language Proficiency is encouraged as these qualifications are taught in English.
  • Total Module Time (TMT) is the number of hypothetical hours that reflects an estimation of the overall time that might reasonably be anticipated for a learner to accomplish and show the level of attainment required for granting a certificate.
  • Guided Learning Hours (GLH) is when an instructor, lecturer, or other staff member is accessible to give direct instruction or guidance to a learner pursuing a certification.
  • The credit value of a Module or Unit is defined as the number of credits that may be granted to a student upon successful completion of the module’s learning objectives and goals. One Beta College Credit is equivalent to ten TMT hours.

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