Diploma in Office Administration


Diploma Program in Office Administration is designed to meet the needs of essential skills needed to work in a business environment. You will develop office skills, study computer applications and receive training in concepts of accounting and bookkeeping practices using popular computerized accounting software such as QuickBooks.

You will learn the essential skills needed in a business environment. Practical exercises and hands-on projects impart skills to work in accounting and bookkeeping roles in any type of business organization.

Graduates of this program would be able to find employment as Office Assistants/ Administrators, Accounting assistants, Payroll clerks, and Bookkeepers.

  • Office Administrative Assistant
  • Personal Secretary
  • Office Assistant
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Executive Assistant
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Outlook
  • Book keeping
  • QuickBooks
  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or Equivalent.
  • If you are above 18 years of age and do not have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma you have to successfully complete Wonderlic scholastic level test with a minimum score of 14.

Native English Applicants: 

  • English proficiency tests are not required.

Non-Native English Applicants: 

  • IELTS (minimum 6) or TOEFL (minimum 79)
  • Students are expected to learn the following within the Office Administration program:
  • Knowledge of Work Environments
  • Describe the changing work environment and the skills needed by the administrative assistant to function in such an environment.
  • Conduct Internet searches to locate sites that provide information on careers, salaries, administrative skills, and other business information.


Administrative Skills:

  • Use word processing software to correctly format and complete business documents in mailable formats.
  • Produce complex documents containing graphics and tables with relative speed and efficiency.
  • Produce multiple documents required by a variety of office settings.
  • Accurately key mailable documents at 50 words per minute.


Oral and Written Communication Skills:

  • Use good human relations skills, in interpersonal interactions, as well as verbal and written communications.
  • Develop a written presentation on an assigned topic.
  • Edit, format, proofread, and compose correspondences that meet course mailability requirements and business standards.

Personal Development:

  • Analyse a variety of self-assessment surveys and make recommendations for personal improvements.

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