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Student Attendance Policy

Consistent and timely attendance is fundamental to academic success at Beta College of Business and Technology. Classroom engagement is the cornerstone of collegiate learning, with each session presenting invaluable opportunities for growth and comprehension. Any time missed from class(es)/session(s) equates to a missed chance for learning, practical development, and intellectual advancement. Students who habitually miss classes significantly heighten their risk of underperforming academically.

By the regulations set forth, Beta College of Business and Technology meticulously maintains daily records of student attendance. The Ministry places considerable emphasis on the issue of absenteeism, underscoring its importance in the educational landscape. To fulfill the requirements, the College diligently compiles comprehensive attendance reports for every student.

Recognizing the undeniable link between academic achievement and attendance, Beta College of Business and Technology Implemented the following attendance policy in compliance with essential stipulations.

This policy applies universally to all students enrolled at Beta College of Business and Technology, regardless of whether they attend on-campus, Hybrid, or online classes or participate in placements or internships with an off-campus training partner.

Students enrolled at Beta College of Business and Technology are entrusted with actively participating in their educational journey. Students must attend all scheduled classes, practicals, laboratory sessions, and placements to fully capitalize on the educational opportunities presented by their courses. The College holds a steadfast commitment to fostering student success, and as such, students are required to adhere to the following attendance policy:

Attendance Policy Overview:

Full participation throughout the program is mandatory, according to OSAP regulations and College guidelines. Students are expected to maintain an absence rate not exceeding 10% throughout the program or 28 days (including weekends), whether absences occur continuously or intermittently. Failure to comply with this attendance policy may result in academic probation or termination of enrollment in the program.

Attendance Tracking Procedures:

Instructors will implement consistent attendance tracking procedures at the commencement of each class, following breaks, and upon conclusion of each session.

The College will utilize appropriate digital tools or Learning Management Systems to monitor attendance for asynchronous programs electronically.

In-person classes will utilize sign-in sheets for accurate class attendance tracking.

Accurate Attendance Recording:

Faculty members are responsible for meticulously recording student attendance during each class session at specified intervals.

Instructors will document the mode of attendance (in-person or virtual) to maintain a comprehensive attendance record.

Attendance Requirements:

Precise attendance requirements for each course will be established by Beta College of Business and Technology and outlined in the course syllabus.

Students will be informed of attendance expectations and the repercussions of failing to meet established requirements via in-person or virtual orientation.

Early Intervention and Support:

Instructors will monitor attendance patterns and promptly identify students at risk of falling short of attendance requirements.

Early intervention measures, such as offering additional support, academic advising, or referral to support services, will be initiated by faculty members to assist struggling students.

For NACC Personal Support Worker (PSW) Program:

The following criteria will warrant immediate dismissal from the program:

  • Five consecutive class days of unnotified absence without valid documentation.
  • Ten consecutive class days of absence, even with notification.
  • Exceeding 10% of program hours missed.

Attendance Policy for Clinical Placements:

Clinical placements/practicum are integral components of the curriculum. Students must adhere to the attendance policy outlined in the course curriculum and outline. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Understanding the Attendance Policy
  • Adhering to Attendance Requirements
  • Proactive Communication
  • Submission of Required Documentation
  • Planned Leaves and Absence Reporting
  • Making Up Missed Hours
  • Professional Conduct and Responsibility
  • Compliance with Guidelines

Continuous and habitual absences will not be tolerated, and appropriate remedial measures will be implemented. Students must promptly communicate any absences or deviations from the attendance policy to the college. Adherence to attendance guidelines is crucial to meeting program completion requirements and avoiding adverse academic consequences.

Documentation such as a doctor’s note is mandatory for absences exceeding three days. Students must proactively communicate any absences, late arrivals, or early departures with valid reasons to the college administration before 11:00 AM each day.

Students achieving 100% attendance will retain eligibility for the Ontario Student Grant. Conversely, excessive absences may adversely impact final grades and academic progress reports. Missed material must be learned within designated deadlines, and any makeup work is subject to the instructor’s discretion.

The impact of non-attendance on grades and the process for making up missed work will be explained by instructors on the first day of class. Students requiring exam proctoring for specified absences must coordinate with the Main Office via email ( with instructor approval.


Students must communicate any planned absences with their course instructors and the Main office via email ( before the start of the semester and again before each anticipated absence. This ensures that instructors know the student’s schedule and can make necessary arrangements regarding missed coursework or assignments.

Students must communicate any planned absences with their course instructors and the Main office via email ( before the start of the semester and again before each anticipated absence. This ensures that instructors know the student’s schedule and can make necessary arrangements regarding missed coursework or assignments.

Students are expected to promptly communicate any unforeseen absence to their course instructors and the Main Office via email (, particularly in the following circumstances:

Illness: If a student cannot attend classes due to illness, they must inform the Main Office and the respective instructor. Upon return, the student should coordinate with the instructor to make up for missed coursework.

Severe medical or psychological issues: In cases of severe medical or psychological problems, the Main Office will contact instructors to verify the situation and discuss necessary accommodations.

Personal Emergencies: The Main Office will inform instructors to ensure understanding and support in a personal emergency, such as a family bereavement.


At Beta College of Business and Technology, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may occasionally lead to late arrivals or early departures. Whether due to personal reasons, transportation issues, or adverse weather conditions, we strive to accommodate our students while maintaining the integrity of our attendance policy. However, students must be aware of the following guidelines:

Attendance Monitoring Process:

Instances of late arrival will be recorded as missed attendance and included in our attendance monitoring process.

However, exceptions may be made for “Exceptional Personal Circumstances” cases, provided proper documentation is provided to justify the lateness.

Importance of Full Attendance:

Students are encouraged to attend each class, practical, and lab session from beginning to end to ensure they do not miss crucial learning opportunities or essential information.

Reporting Late Arrivals and Early Departures:

Any late arrivals or early departures must be promptly reported to the Main Office and the instructor.

The Main Office and instructor will record the time lost due to late arrival or early departure in the Attendance Register, which will be accumulated as missed attendance.

Missed Assessments Due to Late Arrival:

If a student misses a test or any other assessment due to late arrival, they are responsible for arranging a re-write of the assessment through the Main Office.

We believe that fostering a culture of punctuality and accountability contributes to a positive learning environment for all our students. By adhering to these guidelines, students can ensure their academic success while respecting the expectations outlined in our attendance policy.

Reporting Procedure for Class Absences:

The student must promptly notify the Main Office and the respective instructor in case of any anticipated or unexpected class absences, late arrivals, or early departures.

Students must discuss missed class time, tests, assignments, labs, or placements with the instructor or supervisor.

For scheduled and planned absences, students must make arrangements directly with the instructor to make up any missed exams.

Responsibilities of the Student:

Students are accountable for notifying relevant parties about their class absences and discussing missed coursework.

The students are responsible for collaborating with instructors to arrange to complete missed work, including exams or assignments.

Students should be aware that failure to comply with attendance requirements may result in disciplinary action, except in cases of illness or other circumstances beyond their control.

Responsibilities of the Instructor:

Instructors must communicate the consequences of class absences and the impact on assessments and overall course performance.

They are responsible for outlining the process for making up missed work and informing students about potential academic repercussions due to excessive absenteeism.

In consultation with the Main Office, instructors should advise students on course deferral or withdrawal if their attendance record significantly hampers their ability to meet academic requirements.

Absence Management:

Instructors may grant permission for students to miss exams or assessments due to unplanned absences or emergencies, provided that valid reasons are provided.

The instructors are responsible for ensuring students receive approved accommodations when making arrangements for missed exams or assessments.

Disciplinary Action and Attendance Record:

Students who fail to adhere to attendance requirements or are absent without authorized leave may face disciplinary action.

However, the College recognizes that certain circumstances, such as illness, may warrant leniency in disciplinary measures.

In cases where a student’s attendance record significantly impacts academic performance and future attendance is unlikely to improve, withdrawal from the program may be considered following due process.

By adhering to this attendance policy, students and instructors contribute to a productive and supportive learning environment conducive to academic success.


In the event of a disagreement & dispute, updated physical/printed versions of Beta College of Business and Technology regulations will take precedence over those available on our official website.

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