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An overview about Office Administration:

One of the key departments for smooth and productive functioning of any company or organization is office administration. It is the office administration department that keeps all the departments in sync. They are the connecting link between the senior management, clients and the employees. This department shoulders a wide range of responsibilities like monitoring office tasks, delegating work, maintaining database, scheduling appointments, resolving office conflicts, preparing budgets etc. Since they handle a host of tasks- both primary and secondary; their role is extremely crucial. Also every company requires office managers, which makes this field a booming one.

About the Program:

Beta College of Ontario, Canada is widely popular for its extraordinary faculty, competitive students, comprehensive study material, excellent job placements and world class infrastructure. The university offers a 2-year full time diploma program in office administration which is considered to be the university’s one of esteemed programs. This holistic program covers both the theoretical and the practical nuances of office administration. This ensures that students learn a balanced as well as an in depth functioning of the subject.

This leading university of Canada readies the students for higher employability by honing their skills and providing intensive business software training. The course will in detail cover important software applications like QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, and desktop publishing software. Having the knowledge of these software programs is a pre requisite in all leading companies. Apart from learning various software programs, they will be taught essential skills like strategic planning, time management, effective communication, book keeping, researching, social media management to name a few.

The distinguishing factor of Beta College is that it divides students into smaller batches so that each student receives the due personal attention. The faculty is extremely approachable and also inspires students to ask questions, this method ensures 100% learning. The students will also be given challenging projects which will broaden their horizons. This will be followed by giving constructive feedback to the students to assure growth. The university understands that each student is unique and should be dealt with in a customized fashion.

The office administration certificate will help you find employment in law firms, banks, hospitals, schools, corporate, media houses, travel companies, hotel Industry. What sets you apart from other students is that this certificate lets you choose your dream job from an array of industries.

Career Opportunities:

1) Administrative assistant:

An administrative assistant is the first face of the organization. He/ she is in charge of greeting customers. The other responsibilities include daily co ordination like sending/receiving correspondence, scheduling meetings, creating presentations, placing orders.  The administrative assistants may also be given the job to plan and execute events from scratch.

2) Office Manager:

The office manager plays the most important role in keeping the office going on everyday basis. He/she ensures the smooth functioning of all activities- big or small. The various tasks to be headed by an office manager are managing office supplies, training new employees, and setting up appointments, keeping in touch with customers, ensuring co ordination among the internal teams.

3) Personal Assistant:

The personal assistant is the employer’s go-to person since he/she takes care of the employer’s daily schedule. The various tasks include scheduling the employer’s appointments with clients, booking travel tickets, answering e mails and communicating all of this with utmost precision. The foremost skill required to perform this role well is effective communication skills.

4) Receptionist:

Like the office administrator, the receptionist is the first point of contact between customer and the organization. The usual roles carried out by a receptionist are interacting and greeting customers politely, keeping a track of appointments, reverting to e mails, handling queries, collecting payments, and most importantly maintaining a calm demeanor. The role of a receptionist demands impeccable communication skills.

5) Accounting Assistant:

An accounting assistant works closely with the accounts department in any organization. The duties given to an accounting assistant are data entry, maintaining sale and purchase records, issuing checks, collecting payments, assisting audit, and handling various banking transactions. Along with having an in depth knowledge of book keeping, the role also requires honesty.

6) Legal Assistant:

A legal assistant is an assistant to a lawyer or to a legal team. The various tasks given to a legal assistant are handling everyday activities in the law firm, communicating with clients,

Conducting research, interviewing clients, keeping a schedule of court visits, and arranging evidence. The responsibilities can further differ depending on the size of the firm and the type of the employer.

7) Medical Assistant:

Medical assistants are generally placed in a doctor’s clinic or even in hospitals. The tasks given to a medical assistant are greeting patients, tracking appointments, coordinating with the doctor, updating patient records.

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